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Has your boiler stopped working and you dont know why?

If it has, it sounds like you will require a boiler repair. Southampton homeowners need to look no further than Gasworks for a reliable, professional, and comprehensive repair of their boilers. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, please call us today on 02380 783 031. 

Our Southampton Boiler Repair Services

The boiler is an important part of any home, and when it stops working it can be a nightmare to deal with. If you dont keep an eye on your system and take care of it, you could face a whole host of problems. From any damage or visible corrosion to anything unusual about the temperature, smell, or appearance of any part of your system, the issues are endless. Any of these problems can result in the breakdown of your boiler and require boiler repair in Southampton. 

Even a minor fault, when left unattended, can grow into a larger problem, so it is always recommended to reach out to the experts as soon as possible. Here at Gasworks, we are the premier team for boiler repair Southampton offers. Our highly experienced, qualified engineers can provide that all-important repair, ensuring your system is back up and running in no time. 


Common Boiler Problems 

Over the course of their lifespan, boilers can experience a few problems. This unit is a key part of your central heating system, so when it fails to function correctly, your property will be affected. Below, we have outlined a handful of common problems that you may come across. If any of them sound familiar, then contact our team and we will arrange for a boiler repair, Southampton residents. 

No Heating but Hot Water 

In some cases, homeowners have hot running water but their central heating isnt working. Boilers are designed to provide water and heating, so if you have one without the other, theres an issue. Firstly, we advise you to check the thermostat to make sure that it is set at the correct temperature. You may need to enlist our Southampton boiler repair service if the boiler pressure is too low. 

When the pressure drops, the central heating will not work. Many homeowners can increase the pressure themselves, but if you have any uncertainties, call us for boiler repair in Southampton. If the issue is not to do with the thermostat or the pressure, then there could be a fault with your unit. By giving us a call, we can send an engineer over to inspect the boiler. 


No Heating or Hot Water 

The worst-case scenario is when your boiler fails to generate hot water and heating. There can be many reasons for this, including a lack of fuel. If you have a gas boiler or oil boiler, a supply of fuel is needed to maintain the boilers operation. For any questions about what to do in this situation, call our team and we can advise on whether or not you need a boiler repair. Southampton residents should consider other reasons too. 

A frozen condensate pipe, thermostat issues and low pressure can all contribute to a lack of hot water and heating. You should also consider calling our Southampton boiler repair service if the pilot light on your boiler goes out. The small flame is responsible for lighting a larger flame, triggering the heating and flow of hot water. 

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Boiler Repair Southampton


If you spot a leak in your boiler, then you should get in touch with Gasworks as soon as possible. Generally, leaks are caused by a broken pressure valve or pump seal. However, corrosion can be the cause if the leak is emerging from the pipes or tank. By enlisting the expertise of one of our engineers, we will be able to identify the cause and perform a boiler repair in Southampton. 



There is a coil known as a heat exchanger within your boilers network that transfers heat from the fuel to the water. If limescale and sludge builds up around it, then you will get something called kettling, which replicates the sound of a kettle boiling. Our engineer will be able to flush out your system to complete the boiler repair. Southampton residents will have their boiler up and running again in no time! 

Switches Itself Off 

If you have noticed your boiler constantly switching itself off, then it could be down to thermostat problems or low boiler pressure. There may also be a lack of water flow or too much air within the system. When utilising our Southampton boiler repair service, our engineer will be able to diagnose the cause and fix it. 

There are many other common problems that affect boilers over time, and they include: 

  • Low Boiler Pressure 
  • Frozen Condensate Pipe 
  • Cold Radiators 
  • Unresponsive to Thermostat 
  • Loud Noises 

In almost all cases, the issue can be resolved by our engineers, but when it comes to old boilers, there comes a time when it may need to be replaced. 


Our Process 

We understand how stressful it can be when you suddenly experience problems with your boiler. Without adequate heating and hot water, the daily function of your home is severely disrupted, and this is particularly a problem in the winter months. By enlisting the expertise of the Gasworks team, you wont have to worry about a thing. There is no doubt that we should be your first choice for a boiler repair in Southampton. 

As soon as you spot a problem with your boiler, give us a call. On the other end of the line, a friendly member of staff will answer any queries you have. If you need an engineer to visit your property and inspect your boiler, then we will arrange a suitable time. For an emergency boiler repair, Southampton residents can expect our arrival as soon as possible. 

If the problem is not urgent, then we will schedule in a visit that fits into your daily routine. Once our engineer has arrived on site, they will inspect your system and identify the cause of the problem. At this point, you will be given a full explanation and details of what would be involved in the boiler repair. Southampton residents will receive a quote and be given the choice to go ahead with the repair or not. 

We operate in an honest and transparent way, so we are always up front about costings and the time it will take to complete the boiler repair. Southampton is one of many areas across the South of England where we operate and we have a fantastic reputation for delivering first-class services. Due to this, we have grown a large client base and have become a trusted figure among many homeowners. 

Southampton Boiler Repair

Boiler Servicing 

As well as carrying out boiler repairs in Southampton, we can also provide a comprehensive boiler service and maintenance. Having a service through spring or summer ensures that your system will continue to perform well during the colder months. 

At Gasworks, we carry out countless services each year, and the expert knowledge of our team helps keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. Better yet, many of our appliances come with a loyalty service scheme, where you can pay monthly. This often provides peace of mind that if a problem does occur and you require Southampton boiler repair, there are no unexpected bills.


Other Services 

Our team not only provide a comprehensive servicing, maintenance, and boiler repair, Southampton homeowners can rely on them for a range of other installation, repair, maintenance and servicing solutions. This includes products such as: 


Choose Us For Boiler Repair, Southampton 

Here at Gasworks, we are a traditional, local family run gas engineering company. Since our establishment in 1969, we have only grown in strength to become one of the most reliable companies for Southampton boiler repair. As well as catering to homeowners, we are a team who can also cater to business customers too. 

Our team always endeavour to work to the highest of industry standards. We aim to carry out boiler repair Southampton clients can trust; repairs that will have your system in full working order again in no time. On top of this, we strive to maintain good work ethics and professionalism to ensure customer satisfaction. 

It is this focus and commitment to customer satisfaction that has led to a large amount of new work coming to us via word of mouth. This means that previous clients have been so satisfied by our boiler repair in Southampton that they highly recommend us to friends, family, and colleagues. You can read through some of these reviews on our dedicated testimonials page. 

For extra peace of mind when employing our team for boiler repair, Southampton residents will find we are accredited by a number of industry bodies. These include HETAS, and Worcester Bosch Group. You can rest assured that your boilers are in the most capable hands with Gasworks. 

Contact Us 

For further information about our boiler repair, Southampton can contact Gasworks today on 02380 783 031. Alternatively, you can fill out our simple online form and a member of the team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. 


As a company we endeavour to work to the highest standards possible, maintaining good work ethics and professionalism to ensure customer satisfaction.

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