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Bermuda back boiler Outset firefront and boiler Inset firefront and boiler

The Bermuda concept

Like all great ideas, Baxi Bermuda central heating is wonderfully simple. That's why it has done much more than just stand the test of time. It's actually a more efficient choice for your home now than it's ever been before.

When you think about it, the benefits of today's Bermuda central heating couldn't be more welcome in a modern home. Take the space it saves in your kitchen. With things like dishwashers and microwaves all demanding a place, Bermuda is the logical solution, hiding the boiler behind the fire. Then tere's the all-important need to save money on heating costs. The latest Bermuda back boilers are highly efficient, to keep you cosy with real economy.

The Baxi Bermuda back boiler is hard at work, but all you'll see is a cosy firefront to curl up in front of. The Bermuda SP3 shown here is just one of your many, many options.

Bermuda gives you an elegant focal point gas fire, whilst making perfect use of the unused chimney cavity. Behind is a powerful and efficient boiler that runs up to 10 radiators and provides lashing of hot water.

Baxi Inset 3 Super range FS and BS

Baxi Inset 3 Super range FS and BS

It is always comforting to know that the Bermuda boiler is providing piping hot water and warmth for the central heating, however the real comfort comes from the fire that sits in front of it. Whilst the boiler works efficiently behind, the fire provides a wonderfully relaxed focal point to any room even when it's off, but especially so when the fire is providing a warm cosy glow.

Quietly elegant. The Inset 3 BS Super. The Bermuda Inset 3 Super range ofers an inspiring choice of cast firefront designs with something to complement every style of home decor. The Inset 3 BS Super has a fender in solid brass and features a classically simple desgin.

Baxi Inset 3 Super range CB and BB  

Baxi Inset 3 Super range CB and BB

There is nothing better on a cold wet night to come home to a traditional warm fire. This combined with a controllable and efficient central heating system. However, the needs of a modern family do not stop at warmth alone. Today's family requires lashings of hot water as and when they need it. The Baxi Bermuda Inset 3 Super range of gas fired back boilers provide all of this effortlessly.

The Baxi Inset 3 CB Super provides all of the elegance and warmth of a traditionally styled inset fire yet at the same time complementing contemporary decor and surroundings.


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