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Fires « No Chimney - (Page One)

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Cut-Away - Verine Powerflue fire

Fanfare Power Flue


Now you can have a fire without a chimney!

Until recently you could only burn coal or logs, with a chimney to extract the smoke. You needed either a coal bunker or a dry shed to store the fuel and the fire required constant tending. The only alternative was an electric fire or radiator - and who wants to toast their toes in front of a radiator?

With Verine, even if your home does not have a chimney, you can still enjoy a beautiful living flame gas fire. The range of fires in this section can be fitted simply and economically almost anywhere.

If you have no convenient outside wall through which to vent directly, you can vent in any direction by up to 7 metres.


Fanfare Power Flue

Whilst the Fanfare, as a standard Radiant fire, can be installed on an outside wall as a rear venting 'No Chimney' appliance, it also has substantial side-flueing applications.

Houses or apartments with no convenient external wall against which to install a fire can fit a Fanfare on an internal or party wall and vent up to 7 metres in any direction to the outside.

Sketch One   Sketch Two
Sketch Three   Sketch Four

The drawings represent only some of the many ways to fit the Fanfare.


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Fires « No Chimney - (Page One)

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